"He will regard the prayer of the destitute, and will not despise their prayer." Psalm 102:17

Newsletter Issue 3 — Autumn 2008

Dear Friend of Agapé Heart,

On behalf of the Trustees of Agapé Heart I wish to express our deep gratitude to all Agapé Heart friends for their continuing support of this God-given mission. We are truly seeing the favour and grace of God. We thank in particular all those who supported our first public thanksgiving and fundraising event.

We give our special thanks to all attendees and helpers at the event. We really treasure you — but more importantly, God treasures you. I am pleased to report that we raised around £1,700 at this event — glory be to God. We thank all those who donated money and time to make it an enjoyable and memorable event. We highly commend and thank Mrs Rosalind Chukwudum for the excellent musical presentation by the children, which was thoroughly enjoyed; well done, Tristram, Joshua and Daniel. We also thank Jon Butterfield and Julian Newman for their superb and varied musical recitals and their special contribution to the success of the event. Our thanks also to The Chairs for their wonderful contribution.

Thank you also to all who prayed for us and who continue to pray for us.

I am delighted to report that Mr Ole Torti, the elderly gentleman who needed an urgent hernia operation, has now had a successful operation and is back at home. He was discharged from hospital on 22nd September after two weeks stay at hospital. We understand that his entire family is full of gratitude to God for Agape Heart and the success of the operation. Thank you all, Agape Heart supporters — for together we do make a difference; and we give all honour and glory to our God.

You may recall the case of the young boy Chinaza. It has been established that he requires two major surgeries to treat his in-turned leg, and we are hoping to undertake this at the appropriate time. Please pray for Chinaza and for his family.

We are also looking to provide urgently needed further help for orphans Ugochi and Nnenna — aged 7 and 8 — who were featured in our first newsletter. They live with their poor grandmother, having lost both parents. Their home is totally unfit for human habitation, and requires re-roofing and other repairs. For their safety, they have been evacuated and are living with relatives. Any specific donations to help this desperately poor family will be greatly appreciated.

We are planning to send clothes to be distributed in the towns of Ohafia and Umuahia to desperately poor families in November. If you are able to offer any light summer clothes of reasonable quality, we would be very grateful to receive them. We are also considering holding a jumble sale in the first week of December, and we will advise you of the venue and time as soon as we have arranged this.

Thank you once again for your continued support and prayers. “May the God of hope fill you with all joy.” (Rom. 15:13)

Yours in Jesus

Patricia Newman

Agapé Heart is a Christian charity bringing hope, comfort and the love of God to the hungry, desolate and impoverished. Registered Charity Number: 1124516